Website Strategy & Writing

BandPage is the central online profile for musicians. When members upload their information to BandPage, it automatically gets sent out to Facebook, Google, Shazam, Vevo and many other music-focused platforms. I was a part of their recent website redesign and brand voice creation. I take credit for all the words on their site.

Want more copy? Click a square, any square.

Screen shot 2014-08-28 at 1.42.13 PM

A Tale of Two Homepages: Northern Arizona University


Out with the old (hard-to-navigate, too-much-text and non-appealing-to-target-audiences website) and in with the new (streamlined, user-centric and strategy-driven website.)

Anyone can copy and paste old content into a new CMS. But it takes a team of keen content strategists, which I led, to carefully comb through the troubled pages and seize an opportunity for elevating the user experience.

Our Goal
Craft scannable, understandable and enjoyable content that directs a user to a desired response in a matter of seconds.

Our Results
Users now spend more time exploring the website, submitting more applications, scheduling more campus visits and overall people report that the new site positively influenced their decisions for choosing NAU.

See more content strategy and user-friendly experiences in action on theΒ NAU website.Β 


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